Notice: BTI will be closing at 11:30am on April 18, 2014 in observance of Good Friday.

Notice regarding ’Heartbleed‘ vulnerability
On Monday, April 7th computer security researchers announced a critical security vulnerability that had potentially serious consequences. The so-called Heartbleed vulnerability affects many websites and other Internet services such as email and Virtual Private Networks (VPN). The bug causes leakage of important security information and personal information such as passwords, leaving no trace of exploitation. Hundreds of thousands of websites were affected by this bug, including many of the largest financial institutions and some of our servers. Our server administration team was aware of this announcement and immediately began patching our servers and updating the necessary digital certificates. Our webmail service was one of those that was vulnerable for a short duration. We have addressed that service as well as others that may or may not have been at risk. Some websites have begun posting online messages or sending out email updates to their customers, describing the current status of their protection measures.

What Should I Do?
Consider following specific directions from any online sites that you have passwords and/or confidential information with, after ensuring they are legitimate requests. Generally speaking, even though the risk appears to be minimal, you should protect yourself by changing your password or passphrase on websites that hold your confidential information. Specifically, you should change the password at your online banking site, webmail and all other financial sites. You should also change your password at all online stores where your credit card number is saved. You can contact our help desk at 1-800-680-2641 if you have any questions.

About Us

Welcome to BTI Baldwin Telecom (BTI) began only as a telephone company in 1900 providing service to the Baldwin and Woodville, WI communities.

Today, we’re St. Croix County’s largest local provider of phone, Internet, and cable services. We’re focused on providing our customers with the best technology and advanced features in communications.

If you experience a problem with your service and/or billing, your calls are answered and handled by local technicians and customer service reps. We are invested in the communities we serve. BTI has obtained more than a million dollars in zero interest loans from RUS for local business development. BTI also provides scholarships to help members in the community fund a higher education.
In 2002 Baldwin Telecom was recognized as the first independent telco in WI to deploy Fiber-To-The-Home technology. BTI is a Telecommunications Company with a local touch.

Looking Forward

    * Advancement in Fiber Optic Technology
    * Focus on building stronger communities
    * Expanding Bundled services to rural areas



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